• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How often does band meet at HPHS? The bands (both concert band and jazz band) are curricular classes that meet every day one full period just like other academic classes. Typically, there are no additional rehearsals before or after school, or during other class periods.

    2. What concert band will I enroll in as a freshman? All freshmen should initially enroll in Concert Band during registration with their adviser.

    3. Do I need to be in concert band in order to be in jazz band? Yes, you will need to enroll in both Concert Band and Jazz Lab Band. Pianists, guitar players, and bass players, however, are exempt from this requirement.


    4. Do I have to audition? Auditions are NOT required for enrollment in Concert Band. However, you have the option of auditioning for the top concert band at HPHS, the Wind Symphony. Auditions are held in February, and your current band teacher will have music and information for you. If you make Wind Symphony, you will be notified and your schedule will be changed accordingly.

    5. How many after-school events will I be involved with? The concert bands typically perform one concert per quarter for a total of four each year. The majority of dress rehearsals occur during your regularly scheduled band class. Occasionally, there are additional performances (music festivals) which students will know about as soon as information is available.

    6.  Can I still take an academically rigorous schedule and be in band? Absolutely! There have been numerous valedictorians and/or salutatorians of the senior class in the band program. Many of our students take multiple AP and Honors classes.

    7. Can I participate in sports and still be in music? Yes. There are many athletes (Freshmen through Varsity levels) involved in the music program at HPHS. Because music is a class during the school day, the music and sports schedules rarely overlap. When they do, the teacher and coach will work together to help resolve the conflict.

  • Registering for band is as easy as 1,2,3!


    Step 1
    Attend the Zoom meeting with Mr. Chodoroff on Thursday, December 8, 2022, to learn about the HPHS band program. 

    Step 2
    The HPHS counselors will come to your middle school in late January. When you meet with them, tell them to register you for the class entitled "Concert Band." If you would also like to register for a jazz band, register for the class entitled "Jazz Lab Band."

    Step 3
    Enjoy 4 years of terrific music in the HPHS Band!

    NOTE: Auditions for Wind Symphony (top concert band) are held in February. You are welcome to audition. See your teacher for information. After the auditions, if you are to be placed into Wind Symphony, you will be notified and your course schedule will automatically be changed.