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  • Crescendo is a group that supports the HPHS Choir Program and its students in many ways. The money donated to this organization goes toward assisting students with things such as private lesson scholarships, tour scholarships, as well as other choir program needs.

    There are many ways in which Crescendo families can help the choir program. These include things including (but not limited to):

    Bakers (for potential bake sale fundraisers)

    Those with sewing skills (to help mend and possibly hem choir robes)

    Helping with various fundraisers (e.g., Car Wash, Bake Sales, etc.)


    More information about Crescendo needs and volunteer opportunities will be coming at a later date. Any support you are able to give goes a long way in supporting your students in choir!


    If you are interested in donating to Crescendo to help support the HPHS Choir Program and its students, please fill out the form below. The HPHS Choir Program, Director, and Students are grateful for your help.


    Please return the completed form and check (made out to HPHS Crescendo) to Mr. Alumbreros.


    HPHS Crescendo Donation Form


    Donation Level: (Check one)

    ❏Benefactor $200+ ❏Sponsor $100 ❏Patron $50

    ❏Friend $25 ❏Supporter $15


    Name ___________________________________________________________

    (Please indicate how you would like your name or family name to appear in future concert programs)


    E-mail address ___________________________________________________________

    (This will only be used for communication about volunteer opportunities during upcoming events)