Highland Park High School Graduation 


  • Grad Night


    HPHS Grad Night 2024- HPHS PTOPTO Led Class of 2024 Grad Night 

    Here is the website to register.  



    Graduation Portrait

    You can order your student's graduation portrait.

    Click here for more information.

  • Handicap Parking and Seating


    • Click here  to request handicap parking
    • Handicap Parking is available on a first-come-first-served basis
    • Parking requests will be emailed one week prior to graduation.
    • Accessible seating is available on a first-come-first-served basis
    • Seating is located in the center of the pavilion
    • Ravinia does not provide wheel chairs 
  • Ravinia


    • General parking will be available in the West Lot after 3:30
    • No street parking is allowed

    General Seating

    • Seating is on a first-come-first-served basis
    • Parking lots and gates to Ravinia open at 3:30 PM
    • There is no reserved seating
    • No lawn seating allowed




  • Rehearsal

    • Mandatory rehearsal will be held on May 22, from 9:00 am -12:00 pm.
    • Students should bring shoes they're planning on wearing, so they can practice walking up the stairs.
    • Student seating assignments will be given at rehearsal.
    • Graduation tickets will be distributed at rehearsal.
  • Senior Check Out and Send Off

    • Last day for seniors will be Monday, May 13.
    • There will be a send-off for seniors from 3:05-4:00pm at the H-Entrance.
    • Cap and gowns will be distributed at the Senior Send-off. 
  • Student Fees and Items to Return

    • Messages will be sent to students throughout the remainder of the semester so they can take care of these matters in a timely manner
    • For fees to be paid, you should log into your Infinite Campus account and see if there are any outstanding fees
    • For items to be returned, your student should check with the department in question
    • All fees and items must be paid in order for students to receive their graduation tickets
  • Tickets

    Students will receive 5 tickets

    • Due to the size of the graduating class, there will not be a lottery and no extra tickets available.
    • The entire ceremony will be live streamed via YouTube.  A link will be provided on the HPHS website the day of the ceremony
    • Families with twins, triplets, etc. will only get one set of tickets.
    • Tickets will be given on the day of graduation rehearsal.
    • All fees and items to be returned must be taken care of before students receive their tickets.


  • Cap and Gown Ordering-CLOSED

    • Ordering closed on February 26th
    • Students filled out their cap and gown order form on December 4, 2023 in their homeroom classes
    • Cap and gowns will be distributed at the Senior Send Off (Monday, 5/13) from 2:00-4:00pm


  • Student Name Verification form-Closed

    • Form closed on Friday, February 2nd.
    • The Student Name Verification form was sent to parents and students on January 24th.