EIU Academic Challenge

  • The EIU Academic challenge team competes against other high schools at regional, sectional and state levels. More than 8,000 students around the state participate in this activity each year which tests student knowledge in seven areas related to engineering. During competitions, students are asked to take multiple choice tests in two of the following seven areas: math, chemistry, physics, biology, English, computers and engineering graphics. At each competition, team scores are generated and compared, team trophies are given out and individuals who do exceptionally well earn individual medals. This competition involves most of the top academic students in the state of Illinois. Team members will put in a minimum of one to 1 1⁄2 hours of study per week, during the six-month season (November – April).

    Interested students can get information from the sponsor(s) to see if they might have the necessary qualifications. Because of the high level of difficulty of the tests, this activity is open primarily to our most talented senior and junior students who are in or have taken A.P. classes in the areas of testing.