• 1st Week of Badminton Tryouts

    We are looking forward to our 2024 Badminton season! To tryout, practice and compete, you will need to be registered. If you are not registered with a current physical, you will not be allowed to try out (in any sport). 

    To plan for the week, make sure you wear athletic clothing (short sleeve tees and shorts preferred), athletic gym shoes and a water bottle. 

    Mon. 2/26:  3:15pm - 5:45pm in the Giant Gym

    Tues. 2/27:  5:15pm - 7:45pm in the Giant Gym

    Wed. 2/28:  3:15pm - 5:45pm in the Giant Gym

    Thurs. 2/29:  3:15pm - 6:15pm in the Giant Gym

    Fri. 3/1:  3:15pm - 5:45pm in the Giant Gym

    Sat. 3/2: 10:15am - 1:15pm in the Giant Gym 

    Our competition schedule is online under Practice & Competition Calendars.