• Engineering Instructor                                     Engineering & Architecture Instructor

    Mr. Alex Mak                                                      Ms. Tesa Edwards

    amak@dist113.org                                            tedwards@dist113.org

    (224)765-2074                                                    (224) 765-2232


    • Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)
    • Principles of Engineering (POE)
    • Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA)
    • Digital Electronics (DE)
    • Engineering Design & Development (EDD)
  • The Engineering and Architecture program prepares students for a world of rapidly changing technology. Through a robust program of courses, the engineering curriculum prepares students for both professional and personal endeavors in technology. In these project-based courses, students will develop an innovative and problem-solving mindset while pursuing professional and personal goals. The rich curriculum connects students to the core content areas in a collaborative lab-based environment, teaching students the skills and knowledge that they will need to adapt to new technology as it unfolds.