Digital or Audio: Read on the go...wherever you go

  • The library currently has 2 ways to read and listen to books digitally.  We offer Sora & Boundless.  Use whichever you prefer and always have a book ready to listen or read on your electronic device.  You can also download the Sora App and Boundless App to read/listen on your phone or any other electronic device. 

  • Sora







    SORA App Instructions   

    SORA Website Instructions

    Directions to access ebooks & audiobooks through SORA

    1. Access - Click on the above Sora link & select HPHS.
    2. Sign in -  With Google authentication.
    3. Browse - Audiobooks or E-books, you choose your preference.
    4. Borrow - Just click the borrow button - You're all set!

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