• Highland Park High School's Wolters Field athletics complex -- which includes a football field, baseball and softball diamonds and track, as well as facilities for soccer and lacrosse -- is located at 1080 Park Avenue West.

    Lights schedule for 2021 Spring/Summer Schedule

    • TBA

    Lights may also be turned on, if needed, to allow a "twilight" event to finish safely.

     If there are any issues regarding Wolters Field, please contact WoltersFieldIssues@dist113.org. You will receive a response within 24-48 standard business hours. District 113 is only able to address issues directly involving Wolters Field and not the surrounding area. If this is an issue regarding parking, traffic outside of Wolter's Field, or any matter related to an emergency, please contact the Highland Park Police Department.


Wolters Field Advisory Group

  • The Wolters Field Advisory Group is a joint committee between the City of Highland Park and District 113 created pursuant to the Special Use Permit covering Wolters Field. The purpose of this group is to review the impact on the surrounding neighborhood of certain matters related to Wolters Field, taking into account the educational, extracurricular, and psychosocial needs of the District and its students. The group consists of 11 members, including 5 neighbors, 2 District staff members, one City staff member, the Chief of Police, a member of the City Council, and a member of the District 113 Board of Education.

     Wolters field Advisory

Wolters Field Advisory Group Meeting Agendas


  • Co-Chairs: 

    City Councilman Adam Stolberg
    School District Official Stacey Meyer


    Judith Magel Cohen
    Mindy Deutsch
    Michele Goldstein
    John Helander
    Scott Lieberman

    Staff Liaisons:

    Jon Rowley, District 113

    Other School District Representatives:

    Ron Kasbohm
    Bill Tellone