• Special education is specially designed instruction, support, and services provided to a student with an identified disability through implementation of an individual education plan (IEP) that addresses the student’s unique learning needs.


    The purpose of Special Education is to enable students to successfully develop to their individual potential, both academically and social/emotionally. Special Educators work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, school staff, and community representatives as they assist students to become responsible learners and transition to a meaningful, healthy, and productive adult life. 

    The Township High School District 113 Special Education Department supports the district vision of providing every student with an excellent and equitable education so that: 

    • Students are successful,
    • Parents are partners,
    • Educators are knowledgeable and empowered.

    The special education department promotes the understanding of what it means to provide an excellent education to “every” District 113 student. Special Educators work closely with all staff to help them gain knowledge about students with disabilities and to help educators provide appropriate support and services, as outlined in a student’s IEP. The work of the Special Education Department is done with care, integrity, fairness, patience, and respect.


    We believe:

    • Each student is a valued member of the District 113 educational community.
    • Each student has the potential to learn and grow and can be positively impacted by the educational process.
    • Each student should be supported and educated with appropriate staff and resources to meet their needs.
    • Curriculum includes all areas of lifelong learning and must encompass diverse instruction for all learners.
    • All staff are responsible in helping a child receive the best education possible within the general education setting, whenever appropriate.
    • Special Education exists to support the basic instructional program, rather than replace it. Special Education services are part of the continuum of services provided by District 113.
    • Special Education is a service, not a place.
    • A positive parent-school-community partnership is an essential part of educating all students.
    • Continuous evaluation of systems, services, programs and student progress is necessary and essential in providing a free appropriate education to all District 113 students.