• Procurement Department Function
    The Procurement function shall be to buy the product required for the intended purpose that in the course of its use over time will be the most economical and efficient product. The mission of the Procurement Department is to support the educational goals and objectives in Township District 113 by making every effort to receive optimum value for the dollars spent through sound procurement procedures. This goal is facilitated by ensuring a supply of necessary merchandise and services are provided to District schools and units at the highest possible value for the lowest possible cost. It is the intent of the Procurement Department:

    • To conduct all procurement in accordance with applicable Township District 113 School Board and the State of Illinois Procurement Policy and Procedures
    • To maximize competition and provide all interested and qualified vendors with the opportunity to offer their products or services to the District
    • To treat all vendors fairly
    • To form a partnership with vendors to ensure the best quality for our schools

    What We Buy

    Township District 113 buys a wide variety of goods and services to support the education process. The Procurement of goods and services is conducted in a variety of ways, from both centralized and decentralized requests. Procurement of budgeted supplies and materials, capital equipment and services is performed by the Procurement Department. Purchases of a unique nature that meet the needs of the school or unit are done under the direction of either the principal at the school or the director of the unit. The Procurement staff reviews all purchase order requests for compliance with District Procurement policy. A vast majority of requests are processed through the Procurement Office without having to meet bidding requirements.