• Before posting/commenting on an official D113 social media feed, note the following:

    Official Township High School District 113 social media feeds are used to share information and celebrate news of relevance to the District 113 community and to allow limited, respectful, relevant dialogue by members of the community. While we encourage conversation, users who post, comment, or send messages via a District 113 social media feed must comply with the expectations below. Individuals who do not meet these expectations may have their posts/comments removed and/or be blocked from the District’s social media feed(s).

    Posts/comments/messages must:

    1. Be relevant to District 113 or the school, program, department, class, club, activity, or team that operates the social media feed to which you are posting;
    2. Be respectful of the rights of others (blatantly defamatory, racist, sexist, or similar content will be removed);
    3. Use language that is appropriate for the school community (blatant vulgarity will be removed); and
    4. Be submitted by an individual user and not be spam.

    Posts/comments/messages must not:

    1. Include unauthorized commercial or political solicitations or advertisements or otherwise promote a product, service, or political candidate;
    2. Bully, intimidate, or harass any user, or include content that is abusive, hateful, or threatening;
    3. Include content that is obscene, pornographic, or sexually explicit;
    4. Advocate for or incite unlawful activity or violence, or contain graphic or gratuitous violence;
    5. Attack specific students or minors;
    6. Use the District’s logos or otherwise include content that makes it look like the individual is speaking on behalf of the District or its Board of Education; or
    7. Violate the law or D113 Board policy.

    Please be aware that you participate at your own risk and assume personal responsibility for your comments, your username, and any information provided.

    Do not use the District’s social media feeds in place of contacting a building administrator or teacher to discuss individual student matters or in the event of an emergency, when 911 or local law enforcement should be contacted directly.

    The comments and posts expressed by community members on the District’s social media feeds do not necessarily reflect the opinions and/or position of the District 113 Board of Education or its employees.