Grand Times Speakers/Topics List

  • The Grand Times Speakers List represents one of the resources available to students at Deerfield and Highland Park High Schools. Grand Timers offer insight into a wide range of topics that can enrich student classroom experiences. The list is not all-inclusive of the many areas of expertise that can be provided by Grand Times volunteers.

    Topics include:


    Art and Photography


    • Human Resources
    • Finances and Investments
    • Healthcare (including pharmaceuticals) 
    • Public Relations
    • Marketing and Advertising 
    • Communications
    • International Business (especially Japan and Taiwan)
    • Commercial Real Estate

    Computers and Information Technology


    • College
    • Career
    • Family
    • Adoption
    • Social Work

    Drama, Theater and Public Speaking

    Engineering, Science and the Environment


    • Japan: Growing up in occupied Japan
    • Holocaust
    • U.S. History (Great Depression)



    • Environmental
    • Criminal
    • Corporate

    Literature - Prose and Poetry

    Music Appreciation


    • Bahai
    • Judaism
    • Others

    War Experiences

    • World War II
    • Viet Nam

    World Culture, Travels & Experiences

    • China
    • South Africa
    • Central Africa
    • Japan
    • Taiwan
    • Antarctica