• WYSE The District 113 communications program is designed to inform stakeholders how the District and its high schools are living out the District's mission and vision, and engage stakeholders so that they have an interest in student learning, a stake in our students' success, and a voice in shaping our students' futures.

    This is done by:

    • Spearheading and supporting strategic, proactive communication efforts with all stakeholder groups
    • Promoting understanding among stakeholders of District initiatives and Board decisions
    • Facilitating and promoting two-way communications opportunities, and seeking out opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders to support student successCelebracion
    • Ensuring consistent, clear messaging by working with District leaders and staff members
    • Celebrating District 113 excellence by sharing information about student and staff accomplishments, as well as school/classroom programs, with the community
    • Maintaining strong, positive connections between individual schools and their communities, as well as between the District and the community as a whole