Postsecondary Counseling Appointments for Seniors

Are you looking for a 30 minute appointment? If you met with Ms. Wiley during Junior year, she is your postsecondary counselor Senior year. If you met with Ms. Doktor Junior year, your postsecondary counselor for Senior year will be Ms. Flowers. If you did not meet with a postsecondary counselor last year, please contact Ms. Thurau to be assigned.

To make an appointment with Mrs. Wiley: 

To make an appointment with Mrs. Flowers:

Meeting with a postsecondary counselor for the first time: Please contact the CCRC Administrative Assistant, Ms.Thurau, to be assigned a postsecondary counselor and schedule an appointment.

Please note that these are STUDENT appointments. Seniors, if you would like a parent/guardian to attend your appointment, you must contact Ms. Thurau at or stop by the CCRC with the name(s) of your parent(s)/guardian(s), date and time of your appointment. This must be done at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. At that time, Ms. Thurau will add them to the visitor calendar. For security purposes, parents/guardians NOT on the visitor calendar will not be allowed in the building.