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Deerfield Runs Smart to Advance to Sectional

The Deerfield Girls went to Lakes High School to compete at the IHSA Regional.  11 teams were present and the most important thing to know was the top 6 teams would advance to the Sectional.  After previewing the course two days prior, the girls felt good about what needed to be done and enjoyed the "fun" course.

Armed with confidence, the girls wanted to improve on pacing and staying on pace throughout the race.  This led to a nervy moment as the girls took residence towards the back of the pack early on - 3 Warriors literally occupying the last 3 places.  Nothing to fear though as Deerfield proved they knew exactly what they were doing.

The course takes the runners down a hill and then they disappear from most of the spectators view for a while.  After a tight horshoe turn and up an incline, that was when the race started.  Madeline surged ahead looking strong and relaxed and a pack formed among Bekah, Caroline, and Annie.  After the "roller-coaster," the racers headed back towards the start/finish area.  By the time they came back into view, the Warriors had put themselves into position to advance as a team.  On this 3-loop course, most of the girls were able to keep the 2nd loop within 20 seconds of their first go-round.  This helped them move up even further.

Deerfield was one of 5 teams in this Regional with a state ranking, but even with some great teams there, the girls perfectly executed the task of running their own race.  Most of the girls ran faster than the week before, this one being on a more challenging course.  When results were posted, Deerfield had secured the 5th spot and an invitation to the Sectional.  Madeline was our first finisher in 14th place.  Bekah and Caroline, who were once seen in last place moved all the way up to 25th and 27th.  Annie and Hannah completed the scoring.  Maya, a freshman running in the IHSA series, proved up to the task with her all-time PR. Leah dropped over a minute from the week before, continuing her recovery from a long bout with illness.