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Warriors Begin Conference Races

The Deerfield Warriors competed in their first CSL "Quad" meet.  Conference standings are determined by a head to head race against each of the 5 other schools in the CSL North, and then the results from the CSL Championship meet in October.  The number of dual meet wins is added to the number of teams beaten in the CSL meet to obtain final standings.

We chose to race many of our athletes in the Varsity 3-mile, which left the JV squad somewhat depleted.  The decision was made to allow more girls the experience of racing over the longer distance at the sacrifce of JV results.  At that level, we beat Maine West but fell short against Highland Park and Niles North.

The varsity level was a much different experience.  In cross country, your team score is calculated by adding the places of your first five finishers.  Low score wins, and if you do the math, the perfect score would be 15.  In conference opening action we beat Maine West and Niles North by a score of 15-50, i.e. PERFECT!  Against Highland Park, we captured the first two spots, Highland Park the next, and then 13 of the next 14 athletes into the chute were all from Deerfield.  The final score was 18-45.  Caroline and Leah led the way, both pulling away from HP in the final mile.  Our next 6 athletes were a mixture of all grades and they all came in within 12 seconds of each other.  Emily and Alex ran strong just behind Maine West's first girl, and then 6 more from Deerfield finished within 17 seconds of each other.  The girls were tough, used the power of the pack to their advantage, and finished hungry to gobble up more places.