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Welcome to the 2019-2020 Warrior Year!

PE/ Uniform Information

As we begin the year we wanted to share with you information regarding PE uniforms.  Please note the following information;

1) If you have chosen the rental service (through the online registration fees within the Infinate Campus Portal) please make sure to make use of the laundering service on a weekly basis (or more if needed).  

-  If you have lost your rental uniform please contact the locker-room attendant to pay for the replacement.  You will then automatically be put back into the program and provided a uniform and laundering.


2) If you do not have a PE uniform yet or have lost your uniform you have a few options.

-  Option 1 (rental):  Go to the bookstore and join the rental program ($20.00).  You will need to bring your receipt to the locker-room attendant who will then issue you a PE uniform.

-  Option 2 (purchase):  Please see the locker-room attendant and/or bookstore for purchase of a PE uniform.  We have the basic short/shirt combination for sale in unisex and women's cut.  Please note that there is a limited number of PE uniforms/options available in the locker-room for purchase.  We recommend renting your uniform via option 1.


Dance/Mindful Movement students.  Please see options 1 and 2 for the dance uniform.

Please also note that students may wear black yoga pants or black DHS athletic shorts instead of the purchased shorts. 


If you have any questions please contact Marc Pechter.