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DHS Graduation Ticket Information

  • Each graduate automatically receives five tickets to use for family/friends. The graduates themselves do not need to use a ticket for the ceremony.

    We expect to have a limited number of extra tickets available. To request additional ticket(s), please email a request to

    Please be sure to indicate the graduate’s name in the request.

    Beginning March 11, we will grant all of the first or single ticket requests that we can. Once all first/single ticket requests have been filled, we will move to meet the second ticket requests. We have a larger graduating class this year and will have far fewer extra tickets available.

    You will receive email replies indicating your ticket request confirmation no sooner than March 12. Later emails will be sent as additional requests are filled.

    Tickets are only distributed to the graduates themselves. They will receive them (and any additional tickets granted) at the rehearsal on the morning of the ceremony day (May 30). Know that we do not send or distribute tickets directly to families.

    Please also know that we live stream (and record) the ceremony live over the internet. The same recording will remain available for viewing through the summer. This presents another option for families who have loved ones who cannot travel or attend the ceremony in person.

    For any questions regarding graduation, please contact Ken Williams, Assistant Principal at


    April 2, 2019

    We have presently exhausted our supply of extra graduation tickets.

    With a larger graduating class this year, we distributed the number of extra tickets we had available sooner than had been experienced in previous years. We conducted a lottery process to fairly distribute the balance of tickets we had left after providing as many requests for at least one extra ticket as possible.

    At this time, we have no more additional tickets to make available. Often times, families who do not intend to use their given allotment either share their extras with other families or turn them back into the school. We will communicate with everyone should we, in fact, receive extra tickets.