• Welcome to LYI - Latino Youth Initiative

    The Latino Youth Initiative (LYI)operates during the non-school hours (after-school, school holidays, weekends, and summers) to support youth from the ages of 14 to 21 in developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles.  Students are engaged in constructive activities in an environment that reflects the cultures, languages, and communities from which they come.  With access to resources and experiences that they may not have otherwise, the Latino Youth Initiative empowers students to graduate from high school and attend college while strengthening their cultural capital, leadership potential, and physical health. Through a holistic model, the Latino Youth Initiative also involves parents in their children’s education and provides opportunities to build the skills needed to advocate for their children. Programming focuses on providing educational support, practical skills, creative outlets, diverse opportunities, and mentorship experiences.  Through this process, youth emerge as leaders who are more confident in their abilities, encouraged by newfound skills, and motivated for their future college and career paths.

    Contact info: Minelle Amezquita- 847-432-4981 X105

                          Enrique Aguilar- 847-432-4981 X106

                         Maritza Chavez- 847-432-4981 X111

    Date/Times- MondayWednesday Homework club in TLC from3:30-5pm

                         Thursday Programming day in room (TBD) from 3:30-5pm

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