Welcome and Overview

  • Welcome to the HPHS Honor Society!

    Students receive an invitation to apply for Highland Park Honor Society membership based upon a cumulative GPA after the 5th (junior) and/or 7th (senior) semester in high school.  A student must meet a minimum scholastic requirement of a ≥3.00 unweighted cumulative GPA in order to be eligible for this honor and receive an invite.  A special invitation letter is sent home to qualifying students/parents congratulating students, inviting students to apply, and outlining the application timeline as well as the celebration date.  Please see the application timeline on the honor society website for more information.  Students who became members last year do not need to reapply.  

    The Highland Park High School Honor Society was established to recognize students’ achievements in one or a combination of the following:  scholarship, engagement/leadership, and service.   Students must meet the requirement in one of the categories for membership.  Some students have met the requirements in more than one category and should submit the required documents for recognition in each category..  Please review the application examples on the website to see the requirements for each category.  Students who have earned a GPA >= 3.60 meet the scholarship requirement for membership.

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