Parking information for seniors

  • For the 2016-17 school year we will be offering two lottery drawings for each semester. The first semester drawing will be held on August 12th and the second semester drawing will be held on January 6th.

    An email was sent to all seniors regarding the lotteryYou need to access the link within that email and answer the questions to be eligible for the lottery. You will not be able to edit your response. You can only submit your response one time. To get an email receipt of your responses to the survey say yes at the bottom of survey.

    We will be entering those who have answered yes to both questions into the lottery.

    If are planning on taking Alive at 25 this summer or you need to drop off your certificate, drop off a copy of your certificate to the main entrance at school in the identified basket “Alive at 25 Certificates.” We will be updating our information about your certificate completion and will send you confirmation of receipt. Remember, if you have not taken Alive at 25 you will not be eligible for the lottery and will not be able to obtain a permit for the 2016-17 school year.

    We will accept Alive at 25 certificates throughout the year. Classes are offered in our district high schools and College of Lake County campuses. To find information about Alive at 25 classes go to the Alive at 25 webpage for class information.

    If the senior class does not use the 268 spaces offered, the Deans office will announce to the junior class an opportunity to enroll in a junior lottery for the remaining spaces. Juniors will need provide their Alive at 25 certificate to the Deans office to be eligible for this lottery if announced.