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David Solotke

Co-Director Theatre Arts, Auditorium Manager, Stage Crew Sponsor, Tech Campus Liaison
COURSES TAUGHT: Film Making I-II, Tech Theatre, Design for the Stage, Advanced Production


Film Making offers students with an interest in cinema the opportunity to explore “hands on” the film making process. Film is explored as both a form of artistic expression and entertainment. The class starts with script writing and shot planning and then explores the process of transferring from the page to the screen. During the first semester students make a 3-minute short film, examine editing techniques, and create a short genre film. During the second semester, a 60 second film, a silent film, a music video and a genre film are the focus. Students also view films from the AFI Top 100 list to help develop an eye for visual storytelling.


This course offers students who have taken the first year of Film Making to continue the exploration of the film making process. Working in small groups, the class explores a variety of film genres and techniques. Specifically, the focus is in the use of the camera in composing each shot and in the concept of continuity in storytelling. Some potential projects are: a short film noir, a short live action/stop action film, a scored silent film and more. Students also view films from the AFI Top 100 list to help develop an eye for visual storytelling.


Tech Theatre provides opportunities for students to investigate all of the “backstage” aspects of theatre production at HPHS. Students are given the opportunity to work “hands on” with set construction, stage lighting, sound, special effects, set painting and production planning. Working in small group; students will develop organizational skills while utilizing creative problem-solving techniques to complete group projects. The class splits its time between information sharing and class labs working on the current production. There is no after-school requirement for this class. Tech Theatre may be taken for a full year or for a semester. A student can receive either Fine or Applied Arts Credit for Tech Theatre.


Design for the Stage provides students with an opportunity to develop skills in all aspects of theatre design (Scenic, Lighting, Sound and Costumes). The design process takes them from script analysis to design presentation. Creative problem solving is applied to the unique challenges of each production. Students are given opportunities to investigate all of the “backstage” aspects of theatre production at HPHS. Students are given the chance to design actual HPHS productions like Stunts, Dance HP in Concert and The Short Play Festival.


The Tech Campus is located next to the campus of the College of Lake County in Grayslake. The Tech Campus offers excellent educational opportunities to Highland Park students who wish to obtain specialized vocational technical skills. Students taking courses at LCHSTC divide their school day between Highland Park and LCHSTC. Transportation to and from the Tech Campus is provided by the high school. Students are not permitted to drive their own cars. Credits earned apply to graduation credits at Highland Park High School. Interested students or parents who have questions can obtain information from a counselor. Brochures describing each program are available in the Counseling Resource Center. Information may also be obtained at:

  • All students are invited to join Stage Crew! Stage Crew is an after school activity that supports the technical elements for all HPHS Theatre productions. We build and paint sets, hang lights, setup microphones, create props, pull costumes, and add in special effects!

    Stage Crew meets daily from 3:15-5:00pm in the Auditorium. Our schedule is flexible, and students can participate in Stage Crew along with other clubs, activities, and sports. Contact me with any questions about Stage Crew.

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