Degrees and Certifications:

Paul Harris

Transition Coordinator - Special Education Department

  • WORK STUDY: Work Study is a small group instructional class focusing on the identification and development of those attributes and skills that lead to success in securing integrated employment. Emphasis is placed on acquiring knowledge of appropriate work place safety, social behaviors, and the methods employers use to compensate employees. Resume writing, practicing computer skills along with office and clerical skills are introduced. Daily living skills related to independent time management and devising, prioritizing and adhering to schedules are also included in the curriculum. 

    WORK STATION: Work Station is designed to connect classroom activities to work place experiences. This experience provides students with an opportunity to acquire and practice marketable career skills focusing on job readiness and the technical language associated with related professions and occupations. Students spend time performing daily tasks assigned to them at job sites both in the school and out in the community.