• District 113 is committed to equity and excellence in education, and to increasing academic achievement for ALL students.

    We believe that: 

    All students must have access to resources, opportunities and rigorous curriculum to ensure their success.

    Relationships form the foundation of an equitable school district.

    We solicit, listen to, and respect multiple perspectives.

    School does not have to look the same for each student and employee, and outcomes can still be high.

    We must work together to eliminate racial, socio-economic and gender predictability within our system.

    A world class education requires racial consciousness, cross-cultural and disability awareness, and gender equity.

    We must continually measure progress and make appropriate changes to realize these beliefs.

    In District 113, we believe that “all means all”.

    Equity teams at Deerfield High School and Highland Park High School work closely with District staff on strategies to achieve equity and improve achievement for all students.