• At the September 14 Regular Meeting, a Pandemic Metrics Task Force Report was presented to the Board. The Task Force was assembled to determine metrics to be used to make recommendations about operational approaches to delivering school, whether the delivery model is in-person, completely remote, or a hybrid of the two. 

    The report stated that COVID-19 risk metrics fall under three broad categories: 1) measures of virus spread; 2) measures of capacity; and 3) measures of disease severity. The District will monitor four risk metrics provided by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to inform decisions regarding school operations. Each of these metrics is available and easily accessed through the IDPH’s website and is compared to a target value or expected trend to evaluate the status of COVID-19 disease burden in the immediate community and in the communities in which students, teachers, and staff reside.

    Catchment Area
    The District’s faculty and staff reside in counties beyond the District’s borders. Moreover, the movement of students, faculty, and staff extends beyond Lake County borders. The catchment area for the District includes Lake, Cook and McHenry Counties. The IDPH recommends monitoring and tracking neighboring counties.

IDPH Metric Guidelines

IDPH Metric Guidance for Community Transmissison

County Detailed Metrics & School Metrics

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IDPH Case Rate per 100k for Lake County

IDPH Weekly Case Rate Chart