Students do not need to be able to read music or play an instrument to take Music Theory. The main objective of the course is to develop each individual's composing/songwriting skills. This is done through lecture, demonstration, discussion, written work, and small group activities. Students study the theory of music (how to write chords and scales and such) and the history and styles of music (Western classical, American popular, and music from around the world). In addition, students learn to create music on computers and compose one or two major pieces per quarter. Music Theory is highly recommended for those students planning to major or minor in music in college. We meet during 4th period according to the following schedule:
Late Start - Period 4 - 11:14-11:54
Cycle 78 - Period 4-II - 12:13-1:10
Cycle 56 - Period 4-II - 12:13-1:10
Cycle 34 - No Class
Cycle 12 - Period 4 - 9:29-10:26
Cycle 100 - Period 4 - 10:31-11:17

Our class syllabus.

The targets we use to measure our achievement in class.

Information on our theory topics.

Information on our literature and history topics.

The Spotify playlist, where you can hear most of the music played in class.

Useful links to free software, manuscript paper and other websites to supplement our class sessions.