All Bands

The targets we use to measure our achievement as individual musicians and as ensembles.

Our four-year curriculum.

The DHS Band Handbook.

How to write your quarterly concert papers.

Need to find a concert to review? See the concert paper opportunities page.

Here is an excellent music dictionary.

You can find more useful links here.

Concert Band

Terms handouts: Dynamics, Tempo, Expression, Repeat Markings, Other Important Terms.

December tape test: Flute, Oboe/Sax/Mallets, Clarinet/Trumpet/Euphonium TC, Horn/Bass Clarinet, Trombone/Bassoon/Euphonium BC, Tuba, Snare.

4th quarter research paper.

Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble

1st quarter sophomore project.

2nd quarter senior project.

3rd quarter junior project.

4th quarter senior survey.

Honors Credit requirements (1st Semester) (Wind Ensemble only).

Honors Credit requirements (2nd Semester) (Wind Ensemble only).


How to play every rudiment.

Tips for playing drum set and mallets.

Jazz Band

Our two-year curriculum.

A suggested listening list of performers and recordings.

The Listening Guide assignment as a pdf to print and write out by hand or as Word document to type in.

Honors Credit requirements (1st Semester).

Honors Credit requirements (2nd Semester).

The Smithsonian has a very thorough and informative site on jazz history and appreciation.

Ditto for Jazz at Lincoln Center.