Here are some links that you might find useful and/or interesting:
  • Oxford Music Online. For researching any musical topic, especially classical music. If you go to the site and it asks for a password, see Dr. B.
  • Music Acoustics. From the University New South Wales in Australia, this site explains how and why instruments make their own unique sounds.
  • IMSLP.You can look at the scores to hundreds of classical pieces that are in public domain at the International Music Score Library Project.
  • All-Music Guide. Another good research site for classical, jazz, rock and world music.
  • Down Beat. For great info on jazz artists.
  • A very cool site for learning about theory.
  • The National Association for Music Education.
  • ILMEA. The Illinois Music Educators Association, for info on all-district and all-state music groups.
  • Careers in music from Berklee School of Music.
  • Afropop Worldwide. Listen to audio streams of great African music.
Here are some links to useful software downloads:
  • Noteflight. A great site for writing, notating, and playing back your own music. See Dr. Brame for a free DHS log-in.
  • Audacity. An excellent (and free) sound recording and editing program.
Here are links to our nation's military bands. These are the finest professional bands in the country.