• All colleges and universities accept either the ACT or SAT for college admissions purposes.  Links to these sites are below.  In addition to administering the SAT, College Board also administers Subject Tests and AP examinations.  Students are advised to consider both of these tests as possibilities, the exams test different abilities so many students will do better on one or the other.  Call your child’s counselors or consult one of the College Counselors for advice on which to take.
    Click the links below for additional information on the ACT and SAT, as well as Advanced Placement Testing; click the links at left for information on testing dates.

    ACT/SAT concordance table

    ACT services for examinees with disabilities

    SAT services for examinees with disabilities

    SAT score choice

    Free Online Test Prep Resources

    There are also a growing number of colleges that do not require standardized testing for admissions purposes, or that have modified testing policies.  For a comprehensive list of these schools check out


    State Superintendent Dr. Tony Smith announced recently that the State of Illinois (Illinois State Board of Education) is working with the College Board to execute a contract for the SAT, including the writing portion. This state-sponsored, mandatory test for 11th grade students will take place on April 10, 2018, and will be used in place of PARCC as the mandated assessment at the high school level. 
    2017-2018 TESTING SCHEDULE

    Click here to view testing schedule

    View the messages sent to all District 113 families outlining plans for testing and test prep in District 113 for the 2016-17 school year.

    SAT Communication 7.22

    SAT Communication 11.18

    SAT Communication 11.22


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