• 20-21 Yearbooks will be distributed in August 2021!

    Our yearbooks will now feature the current sports & events of the entire school year.  More information will be shared via school email and newsletters with distribution information.  Stay tuned!  

    You must pre-order a yearbook in order to receive one in 2021. Yearbooks are $50.  


    CLICK HERE to check by student ID if a purchase was made for you.  

    Have you purchased your school yearbook yet? Yearbooks are being sold as a single purchase, $50. Please do the following:
    1. Log into parent portal in IC.
    2. Click on School Store tab on the left (not the Fees tab).
    3. Click on Shop for the HPHS Virtual Store.
    4. Many different textbook titles show up, but click on the tab on the bottom of the screen that says "Categories."
    5. When that opens up, you will have a choice of Parent Organizations, Student Activities, and Virtual Book Sale. Select Products in Student Activities.
    6. Select View where it says Giants Yearbook 20-21.