Military Academy Information

  • Military Academy Information

     These are the five service academies that students can apply to: 


    Deerfield High School 

    The process of applying for nominations and applying to the Service Academies takes concentration, attention to detail, and following the prescribed timeline strictly.

    Meet with your postsecondary counselor early in the Spring of Junior year to prepare the necessary materials to apply for your nominations to the multiple elected officials, ROTC programs and summer programs.

    Make sure you request teacher recommendations 2nd semester of Junior year from two teachers, one in mathematics and one in science.

    Students applying for the US Service Academies are encouraged to apply to ROTC programs. Since ROTC students will receive financial aid and a commissioned officer rank, it is important to have this as a backup plan. (Please refer to the ROTC program page on the CCRC for more info)


    Nomination Process

    Before students can apply to the Service Academies, students will need a nomination from an elected official, during the Spring of Junior year.

    1. Apply to the 2 IL senators, your Congressional representative & the Vice President.  If you are NOT nominated through any of these competitive processes, you could still be placed on a national wait list.
    2. Nominators evaluate candidates during the summer and make decisions in early fall. Applicants need to visit each official’s website for specific nomination instructions & timelines.
    3. Once you have submitted your nomination applications, apply to each Service Academy application through their website.

    Chicago Area Service Academy Nominators

    • IL Senators – apply to both Senators
    • IL Representatives - nomination should be from your district
    • It is also possible to receive a nomination from someone who is serving or who has served in the US military.