• ROTC Programs - Reserve Officer Training Corp FAQ’s

    *Information collected from multiple ROTC websites


    What is ROTC?

    ROTC is a college-based program for training commissioned officers (typically a 2nd Lieutenant) of the US Armed Forces (Air Force, Army, & Navy). ROTC students attend college like other college students, but also receive basic military training and officer training for their chosen branch of service.


    Are financial awards available?

    In exchange for military service, ROTC cadets typically receive competitive merit-based scholarships, covering all or part of tuition, room and board. These awards can range from a full to partial scholarships.


    What is different between the Service Academies and ROTC?

    Although receiving the same rank of a 2nd Lieutenant, ROTC students are allowed a more traditional college experience compared to cadets attending a military academy. 


    How do I apply?

    Follow the links below for websites for the Service Academies ROTC homepages. Learn about the similarities and differences of each program. You can also create your account and begin the application, if you choose. It is strongly recommended to apply to all 3 programs. Each college has their own webpage with specific information about their ROTC programs.


    Do I need a nomination for ROTC?

    No, nominations are only required for the service academies.


    If I’m applying to the Service Academies should I apply to ROTC programs?

    YES! Students applying for the US Service Academies are encouraged to apply to ROTC programs. Since ROTC students will receive financial aid and a commissioned officer rank, it is important to have this as a backup plan. 


    I’m applying to multiple colleges, do I have to apply to each college’s ROTC program?

    No, once you apply, students can list up to 10 colleges. Add your top 3 or 4 colleges in order. You may be selected to your second or third choice over your number one choice based on academy needs. All students must apply to at least a public state university, but it does not have to be Illinois. This answer was gathered from multiple ROTC websites, but always verify with your specific colleges.


    Can I apply to multiple ROTC programs?

    Yes, it is recommended to apply to Army ROTC, Navy ROTC, & Air Force ROTC.


    Do I need to do an interview?

    Yes, it is required to interview at your nearest ROTC office, even if you are attending an ROTC program at another university or in another state.


    What is my time commitment?

    Follow these links for specific commitment information. Always double check with your university and ROTC liaison to be absolutely certain of your commitments: