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    President’s Report
    President Garlovsky, along with several Board members and District administrators, attended the 2018 IASB/IASA/IASBO Joint Annual Conference. During the conference, the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) delegate assembly voted against the resolution for IASB to support legislation that would allow individual school districts in Illinois to arm teachers. The Township High School District 113 Board of Education had discussed the proposal at the Board meeting, and they reached consensus to have their representative vote against the the proposed resolution. The final vote of the IASB delegate assembly was 203 to 179 against the resolution.

    School Board Member Appreciation
    Dr. Yonke read a resolution recognizing the members of the Board of Education of Township High School District 113. November 15 marked the tenth official statewide observance of School Board Member Day in Illinois. District 113 proudly joined districts across the state in saluting these education advocates as they model commitment and leadership resulting in excellent student achievement, academic programs, district finances, and school facilities. The hours that they dedicate to perform effectively in this essential, voluntary role are numerous, and their service is highly appreciated. Township High School District 113 is fortunate to work with an incredible Board of Education.

    Teacher Representative Reports
    Amber Rizwan from Highland Park High School shared recent successes of students and staff and highlighted past events. Click here to view a video of the report.

    Superintendent Report
    Dr. Martindale and Dr. Yonke provided the Board of Education with an update on the status of the intercom system. The Notification System repair project began in April 2018 and was discussed during the October 29, 2018 Board Workshop Meeting. Dr. Martindale, Ali Mehanti (Assistant Superintendent for Finance), and John Fuhrer (Director of Facilities & Operations) met with representatives from Perkins + Will on November 19. Dr. Martindale expressed his frustration with the firms completing the work because at this time, the problem with the intercom system has not been identified, and thus, a solution has not been developed. The operation of the intercom system has been inconsistent. A new head end unit is scheduled for delivery and installation on Wednesday, November 21.

    The District recently implemented a new phone speaker alert system. This new system allows any staff member to send a loud alert message through all desk/classroom phone speakers in the event of an emergency. The District is getting pricing for devices for the gyms, cafeterias, and other student common areas to increase the reach of the new phone speaker system.

    New Superintendent Profile Report
    Dr. Yonke and Dr. Martindale, on behalf of School Exec Connect, provided a report on the New Superintendent Profile. Dr. Martindale, Dr. Yonke, and Dr. Zabilka conducted focus groups with the stakeholders from November 5-13. An online survey was also made available to the District 113 community from October 29 - November 16. The information gathered from the online survey and focus groups was used to develop the New Superintendent Profile presented to the Board of Education on November 19. The New Superintendent Profile will be used by the Board of Education, Interview Committees, and Consultants to screen and conduct interviews with candidates.

    School Exec Connect will conduct interviews and reference checks from November 28 - December 12. Candidate recommendations will be presented to the Board of Education on December 17. The Board of Education will conduct interviews and select finalists from January 8-12. Finalists will be interviewed by Stakeholder Advisory Groups and the Board of Education from January 24-29. The Board of Education will make its final selection on January 31. The tentative date for the public announcement is February 19, 2019.

    Updates regarding the Superintendent Search are available at dist113.org/search.

    Class Size Report
    Dr. Yonke presented the FY19 Class Size Report created by Dr. Lilly Brandt, District Coordinator for Academic & Administrative Services. The report is a new report created by the District and serves as an additional resource to help inform decisions when developing schedules and programs for students and staff. The report examines enrollment trends and staffing for courses, departments, and student support services.

    Action Items
    The Board of Education approved the following minutes:

    The Board of Education approved the following policy to update administrator names:

    The Board of Education approved the Highland Park High School International Field Trip to Northern Ireland from March 19, 2019 – March 29, 2019. The biennial trip is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Highland Park. Students chosen to represent Highland Park High School stay with host families who are members of the Rotary Club of Belfast and/or are families of students who will be travelling to Highland Park with the Rotary Clubs.

    The Board of Education approved the Resolution to Approve the 2018 Tax Levy totaling $98,655,920 including Bond & Interest requirements ($92,071,405 without Bond & Interest). The total approved is the same amount that was reviewed and approved as a preliminary levy estimate at the October 15, 2018 Board of Education meeting.

    The Board of Education approved the adoption of the Supplemental Levy Resolution, authorizing a supplemental property tax levy to pay the principal and interest on outstanding limited bonds of Township High School District Number 113. In order to capture future CPI growth, the Board of Education must adopt a supplemental levy resolution and file it with the Lake County Clerk on an annual basis.

    The Board of Education approved the firm of Hodges, Loizzi, Eisenhammer, Rodick & Kohn (HLERK) to be the legal representation on behalf of Township High School District 113 for Property Tax Appeals. The item was discussed during the October 15, 2018 Board of Education meeting.

    Discussion Items
    HPHS World Languages Department Chair Jeff Handley and HPHS Italian Language Teacher Maria Barbanente shared information about the proposed international trip to Italy which has not taken place since 2011. The ten-day trip would occur in June 2019 and would include visits to Rome, Florence, Venice, Assisi, Capri, Sorrento, Pisa, and Pompei. The approximate cost of the all-inclusive trip is $3,818 per student. The international trip allows students to use their Italian language abilities and immerse themselves in the culture and history of Italy.

    Ali Mehanti, Assistant Superintendent for Finance, shared information on Summer School fees for students. The District has not increased the fees in the last two years, and they are in line, if not lower, than comparable school districts. Fee waivers are provided for students who qualify for the free and reduced meals program. Additionally, both schools have different scholarship funds for students to ensure that fees to do not prevent any student for participating in the summer school program.

    Dr. Elizabeth Pérez Robertson, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, shared information about proposed course additions to the 2019-2020 Program of Studies. Deerfield High School has proposed the addition of one English course and Highland Park High School has proposed the addition of two Fine and Applied Arts courses and one Social Studies course.

    • Deerfield High School
      • English: The Nature of Competition
    • Highland Park High School
      • Fine and Applied Arts: Pre-School Lab V
      • Fine and Applied Arts: Giant Singers
      • Social Studies: Histories of Latinidad

    Dr. Martindale and Dr. Yonke shared information about a new policy for community interaction with District staff. The policy includes a brief introduction along with guidelines for communication with or about District staff. The intent of the proposed policy is to provide guidelines and standards that support the productive discourse of parents and/or community members with school and District staff.

    Future Agenda Items
    The following item(s) were recommended for inclusion in future Board of Education meeting agendas:

    • Board Member Alena Laube requested an assessment of the FUSE Program at each of the schools.

    Complete minutes for this meeting will be posted upon Board approval at the next Regular Board of Education meeting.