• Superintendent Profile for Township High School District 113 

    The new Superintendent should be a person who is:

    • A team builder/unifier with extraordinary relationship skills who works effectively with staff, parents, administrators, board, and community
    • An experienced, quality educational leader with a proven track record of success in curriculum, instruction, and equity initiatives
    • A visible, approachable, people-oriented leader who becomes involved in the communities and sees this as a destination position
    • A collaborative leader who listens to various stakeholders before making decisions
    • A student-centered leader who makes decisions based on what is best for students
    • A great communicator who is empathetic and a superb listener, speaker, and writer
    • A genuine, authentic, warm, and caring person who is approachable and can develop trust throughout the district
    • Able to empower staff members to participate in leadership and to understand the importance of creativity and ingenuity
    • Skilled at leadership development and team-building, developing and supporting a shared vision for excellence at all levels of the district
    • Knowledgeable about school finance and able to work with others to provide sound district financial management
    • Willing to make difficult decisions and hold him/herself and other employees accountable for their work

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