Junior Appointments


    Juniors, you are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with a DHS Postsecondary Counselor. Appointments are offered during second semester from January 13 - May 29. You are assigned a Postsecondary Counselor according to your last name:

    • Last names A-KL: Ms. Magee Wiley

    • Last names KM-Z: Ms. Flowers

    During the time that school is being held remotely, these appointments will be held using Google Hangouts, which is a virtual meeting you can access through your computer or by phone. We will send both the student and parents/guardians a calendar invitation. More instructions will be sent with your appointment confirmation.

    Here is the process for making an appointment:

    1. Complete your Postsecondary Counselor Pre-Appointment Questionnaire in Maia: 

      1. Log in to your Maia Learning account at www.maialearning.com.

      2. From your Student Dashboard, scroll down to ‘Activities and Tasks’ and make sure the bubble for ‘College’ is highlighted. This is your Semester 2 Timeline.

      3. Scroll down to the activity labeled ‘REQUIRED: Postsecondary Counselor Pre-Appointment Questionnaire’.

      4. Click on the link within the Activity to complete the questionnaire. 

    2. After submitting your answers to the questionnaire, the confirmation message will contain a link to schedule an appointment with Ms. Flowers or Ms. Magee Wiley, so make sure not to close the confirmation message right away.

    3. Copy and paste the link into a new browser and follow the directions to set-up an appointment.

    4. Before you attend your appointment, you must complete 4 activities located in your Semester 2 Timeline in Maia and mark them as complete:

      1. Activity F - Turn in your Letter of Recommendation Waiver of Access form

      2. Activity L - Complete your Parchment account

      3. Activity M - Watch the video about Transcripts

      4. Activity N - Watch the video about Letters of Recommendation


    To summarize, you must fill out the pre-appointment questionnaire in order to receive a link in the confirmation message to make an appointment with your Postsecondary Counselor, and complete 4 activities before attending your appointment.

    Please contact Ms. Thurau (mthurau@dist113.org) with any questions.

Junior Newsletter

Programs and Workshops

  • Listed below are the programs for Juniors offered for 2019-2020 school year. Please click on each of the titles for more information and to access any program materials. Materials will be available within a couple of days after the program. 


  • Junior Year Semester 2 Timeline in Maia

    The Postsecondary Counselors have created a timeline in Maia containing activities to complete in semester 2 of Junior year. This checklist houses the bigger tasks that need to be completed during Junior year and provides a timeframe of what you should be working on. Here is how you access the timeline:


    • Log in to your Maia Learning account at www.maialearning.com.
    • From your Student Dashboard, scroll down to ‘Activities and Tasks’ and make sure the bubble for ‘College’ is highlighted. 
    • You will then be able to see all of the activities that can be completed during Junior year. 
    • Mark the activities as complete when you have finished them.


    It contains required tasks such as the Pre-Appointment Questionnaire, the Letter of Recommendation waiver form, and the Student Questionnaire for School Counselor Letter of Recommendation. It also contains tasks you are encouraged to complete such as attending DHS evening programs, attending a local college fair, signing up for test prep, keeping your college list up to date in Maia, and more. Use this as your timeline/to-do checklist.


    DHS Class of 2021 Distribution Chart through five semesters (January 2020):

    Weighted GPA:

    Lowest                                      Median                                   Highest



    Unweighted GPA:

    Lowest                                      Median                                   Highest



    *Some colleges require additional information for scholarship consideration. Here is the GPA distribution for the Class of 2021:

    Weighted GPA:

    Top 10%: 4.44

    Top 25%: 4.17


    Unweighted GPA: 

    Top 10%: 3.93

    Top 25%: 3.78

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