CCRC Newsletter

  • In first semester of senior year, a newsletter will be posted on the 1st and 15th of the month with important information pertaining to the college application process, financial aid, workshop dates, night programs and more. In second semester of senior year, a newsletter will be posted once a month providing information about waitlist processes, how to choose the right fit after receiving decisions, updating Maia with college decisions, depositing to colleges, transitioning to college, and more.

    Senior Newsletter 12/1/19



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Postsecondary Counseling Appointments for Seniors

  • Are you looking for a 30 minute appointment? If you met with Ms. Wiley during Junior year, she is your postsecondary counselor Senior year. If you met with Ms. Doktor Junior year, your postsecondary counselor for Senior year will be Ms. Flowers. If you did not meet with a postsecondary counselor last year, please contact Ms. Thurau to be assigned.

    To make an appointment with Mrs. Wiley: 

    To make an appointment with Mrs. Flowers:

    Meeting with a postsecondary counselor for the first time: Please contact the CCRC Administrative Assistant, Ms.Thurau, to be assigned a postsecondary counselor and schedule an appointment.

    Please note that these are STUDENT appointments. Seniors, if you would like a parent/guardian to attend your appointment, you must contact Ms. Thurau at or stop by the CCRC with the name(s) of your parent(s)/guardian(s), date and time of your appointment. This must be done at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. At that time, Ms. Thurau will add them to the visitor calendar. For security purposes, parents/guardians NOT on the visitor calendar will not be allowed in the building. 

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Programs and Workshops


  • Listed below are the programs offered for 2019-2020 school year. PLEASE CLICK ON EACH OF THE TITLES FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO ACCESS ANY PROGRAM MATERIALS. Materials will be available within a couple of days after the program. 


  • 2019-2020 DHS Application Facts:

    School CEEB: 141570

    Class rank reporting: DHS does not rank

    GPA scale: 4.0 (for both weighted and unweighted)

    Graduating Class Size: 392

    Graduation Date: June 2, 2020

    Class credit value: semester course = 1 credit, full year course = 2 credits

    Seniors will start college in Fall 2020



    DHS Class of 2020 Distribution Chart through six semesters (August 2019):

    Weighted GPA:

    Lowest                                      Median                                   Highest



    Unweighted GPA:

    Lowest                                      Median                                   Highest



    *Some colleges require additional information for scholarship consideration. Here is the GPA distribution for the Class of 2020:

    Weighted GPA:

    Top 10%: 4.40

    Top 25%: 4.12


    Unweighted GPA: 

    Top 10%: 3.92

    Top 25%: 3.75







    DHS Application Tips:

    • Start early and save often.
    • When creating an account for an application, use an email address that you check often. It is advised to create one just for college applications and communications with admissions representatives so that nothing gets lost in your main email. This email address is the means by which colleges communicate with you! 
    • Be sure to keep track of all passwords! While you are able to save log-in credentials on your computer, it is a good idea to write them down in a safe place if something should happen to your computer, or you use another computer to log in.
    • Use your full, legal name when completing applications. It must match exactly with what is on your transcript and test scores. If your name is Katherine and you go by Kate, complete your applications with Katherine.
    • Write classes exactly as they appear on your schedule! You DO NOT need to include homeroom or lunch. If you have an Early Bird class, you will include the class, but you do not need to include the “EB” acronym.
    • Be sure to type your counselor’s and teacher’s name and email address correctly. If it is incorrect, they will not receive your recommendation request.
    • When asked to provide your Counselor contact info, this is your School Counselor and not your Postsecondary Counselor.
    • A District 113 Waiver of Access is required to be on file before any D113 employee can send a letter on your behalf.
    • If you are asked to list GPA (and nothing says “unweighted” or “weighted”), use your higher GPA, which is usually your weighted.
    • You can send different pieces at different times – colleges will collect all elements (application, test score(s), transcript, recommendation, etc.) and put them into a student file. Once all the pieces are there, it’s a complete application. It does not matter in which order the pieces arrive.
    • Submit all pieces of the application at least two weeks before a deadline.
    • Have someone check over your application before submitting.



    Application Organizer

    District 113 Waiver of Access (Recommendation Waiver)


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