• Ordering Official Score Reports

    Deerfield High School does not send standardized test scores. It is the student’s responsibility to send official test scores to colleges directly from the testing agency. At the time of registration for the ACT, SAT, or SAT Subject Tests, you may specify up to four colleges to receive your scores as part of your registration fee. For ACT, you can list up to four colleges within five days after the test date up until noon central time. For SAT and SAT Subject Tests, you can list up to four colleges up to nine days after the test date. You can also request to send ACT or SAT/SAT Subject Test score reports to additional schools for an additional fee. After the test is taken, you can request your official test scores be sent to colleges through the following websites:

    For ACT: www.actstudent.org

    For SAT or SAT Subject Tests: www.collegeboard.org

    When reporting scores, you can choose to submit test scores from a specific testing date or submit all your test scores. Students often prefer to send only their tests with the highest composite scores. However, some selective schools require ALL scores to be sent. Other colleges use the highest test score when multiple scores have been sent. And other colleges combine the highest sub scores from multiple tests to compute a higher composite score, known as a “superscore.” Here is a list of colleges who superscore. For these reasons, it may be a good idea for students to send all test scores that represent their highest and best. Check with each college to determine their policy.

    PLEASE NOTE: When indicating colleges to receive your scores, All SAT scores are automatically sent to colleges unless you choose to use 'Score Choice,' which allows you to specify which SAT or SAT Subject Test you'd like sent.