Apply to close to 800 colleges and universities using one application. The application opens on
        August 1.
        The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success is a college application utilized for 147
        universities. Three universities use this application exclusively: University of Florida, University of
        Maryland & University of Florida.  The application opens early August.
        Use 1 application to apply to up to 9 University of California universities. The filing period is
        November 1-30 ONLY: students must complete and submit this application within this time frame. 
        Use 1 application to apply to up to 13 University of Wisconsin universities. Application opens on
        August 1 and the filing period starts on September 1. Use the Common App to apply to the
        University of Wisconsin-Madison. Use the UW application for all other UW universities. 
        Apply for community college at CLC.
        Campus Tours is the definitive online source for virtual college tours, interactive maps, college
        webcams, QuickTime VR tours, campus movies and pictures. 
        Students can do a college search, read reviews about colleges, or search for scholarships. 
        Alphabetical listing of colleges by state. 
        College Board is a not-for-profit educational association that supports academic preparation and
        transition to higher education for students around the world. Use Big Future's "College Search"
        to find the perfect college matches for you. College Board produces PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests
        and AP. 
        Provides options for career/trade schools, technical schools, beauty schools, GAP year, and
        much more.
        CTCL is regarded as a leading advocate on the subject of higher education access and college
        choice, and are working to help students frame their college search beyond the ratings and
        rankings. There are 44 member colleges across the US.
        View a list of colleges and universities that do not require ACT or SAT scores to be submitted in the
        application process.
        This college video resource community is dedicated to promoting higher education by assisting
        students in viewing over 3,000 exclusive college related videos to see a first-hand look of what
        college is like.