• An important part of preparing for the college application process is to take standardized college entrance exams. Colleges may require either the ACT or SAT for admissions purposes, and all colleges will accept either test for admissions. Students often wonder which test they should be taking. The two factors to consider are which test you perform better on and which test you are more confortable taking. Click here to view a comparison of the ACT vs the SAT.

    Some colleges are test optional, in which they do not require the ACT or SAT for admissions. In fact, the majority of U.S. colleges will not require ACT or SAT scores for the Class of 2021. Please use Fair Test to explore the list of these colleges or check with individual colleges on their updated testing policy.

    We would also recommend watching updated webinars from Compass Prep Education Group on the Impact of COVID-19 on College Admission and Testing.


    Some colleges will also superscore test scores, which means they will take the highest subscores from multiple tests and average them to get a higher composite score. Not all colleges will superscore, so please visit Compass to see a list of college superscoring policies. 

    Recently, there are colleges who will allow students to self-report ACT and/or SAT test scores in the application process. This means you do not have to send an official report when you apply, but will only have to send an official report when you enroll. Please access Compass to find a detailed list of these colleges.


    Compass Guide To College Admission Testing

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