• SAT Subject Tests

    SAT Subject Tests measure how well a student has mastered a particular high school subject. As of December, 2019, 3 highly selective colleges require two or three SAT Subject Tests for admissions. There are an additional 12 colleges who recommend the tests. When colleges say they recommend the tests, it is highly encouraged to take them. Click here to view the list of colleges who require or recommend the SAT Subject Tests. Each test is a 60-minute multiple-choice exam. There are 20 different subject tests and students may register for one, two or three tests on any given test date.

    It is best to take SAT Subject Tests right after you’ve completed recommended classes because the material will still be fresh in your mind. College Board outlines what classes are necessary to be prepared for each Subject Test. In some cases, this may mean spring of your freshman or sophomore year. However, for the language tests, it is best to take these tests after you’ve studied the language for at least two years.

    Every Subject Test is not offered every test date. Please check the website to see which SAT Subject Tests are available on each date.

    Register: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat-subject-tests/register/test-dates-deadlines

    Tests: 6 (August, October, November, December, May, June)


    Visit the website for additional information.