• Scholarships

    Scholarships are considered gift aid. Scholarships can come from colleges and private organizations. They may be awarded for academic or athletic ability, interest in a certain subject, or volunteer work, for example. Some scholarships are given based on membership in an ethnic or religious group. Companies may also give scholarships to children of employees.


    DHS Scholarships:

    The deadline has passed for the majority of DHS Scholarships. You will be informed of a decision by Friday, March 20th.


    The DYBA College Scholarship is still open and you can apply to it in Going Merry, which can also be used for searching national scholarships. Please follow these steps to access the DYBA College Scholarship and national scholarships:


    1. Create an account in www.goingmerry.com

    2. Complete your Profile (Personal Information, Education, Extracurriculars, Awards & Honors, Family, Standardized Tests, Special Circumstances, & Documents)

    3. Click on Scholarships on the left hand side. 

    4. Click on Local Scholarships to view the list of DHS Scholarships. 


    How to search for Scholarships:

    1. Look at college websites. Typically, colleges are the number one source for awarding scholarships that can be worth higher amounts. For all of the colleges you applied to, go to the Financial Aid section of their websites to learn about how scholarships are awarded. Often, colleges will automatically consider you for merit scholarships by filling out an application for admission. Colleges can also have separate applications for merit scholarships, higher profile scholarships, and/or departmental scholarships. Take advantage of everything the college is offering. 


    2. As mentioned above, DHS offers scholarships in which DHS Seniors are the only students who can apply for them. This means the odds of receiving one of these scholarships is very high. Please read the details above under DHS Scholarships. 


    3. Look locally in the greater Deerfield area. Local scholarships also have a smaller applicant pool. Check out places like where you work, where your parent(s) work, the library, local stores like Kohl's, government offices, the park district, etc. 


    4. Look in Maia. Everything that we receive at DHS is put into Maia (Maia Homepage > Scholarships). You are able to "heart" or save the scholarships you are interested in so that you can easliy return to them later.


    5. Check out national scholarship websites. We made a list of our favorite sites below!


    Most Commonly Used National Scholarship Websites:

    1.        Cappex
    2.        Chegg
    3.        College Board
    4.        College Greenlight
    5.        CollegeNET 
    6.        Fastweb
    7.        FinAid!
    8.        Going Merry
    9.        Maia
    10.        Niche 
    11.        Peterson's  
    12.        Raise Me
    13.        Scholarship Experts
    14.        Scholarships.com
    15.        StudentScholarships.org
    16.        Unigo


    Guidelines About Scholarships:
    1. You should never have to pay for a scholarship application!
    2. Fill out scholarship applications well in advance of the deadline. Some give priority to the order of receipt. 
    3. If the scholarship requires a transcript to be sent, you must order one online through Parchment.
    4. Financial need is considered for many, but certainly not all scholarships. 
    5. Apply for several scholarships. There are no guarantees you will receive one particular scholarship.