Upcoming Fine Arts Events for May 2021


      DANCE CONCERT 2021: REDEMPTION will take place Thurs May 6th as a Drive-in Event (at Loft 21,  1501 North Milwaukee, Lincolnshire, IL ) and viewed Fri/Sat May 7th & 8th as an online stream @7:00pm. Tickets can be purchased online for both events! 
      Radmila Olshansky (rolshansky@dist113.org)





    Friday 5/7 Dance Show 7pm-9pm-Virtual


    Saturday 5/8 Dance Show 7pm-9pmVirtual


    Thursday 5/11 Band Concert 7pm-8:30pm - Virtual 


    Friday 5/14 Short Play Festival 7:00pm-9:30pm-Virtual 


    Saturday  5/15 Short Play Festival 7pm-9:30pm-Virtual 


    Monday 5/17 Concert Choir 7pm-8:30pm-Virtual 


    Tuesday 5/18 Orchestra Concert 7pm-8:30pm-Virtual 


    Thursday 5/20 Short Play Festival - Theatre Olympics 4:30pm-6pm

    In person performance under tent being rented for prom


    Thursday 5/20 Musical 7pm-9:30pm -Virtual

    Thursday 5/20 Short Play Festival 7pm-9:30pm -Virtual 

    Thursday 5/20 Percussion Fesitival 4pm-6pm- Outside H Entrance


    Friday 5/21 Musical 7pm-9:30pm-Virtual 

    Sunday 5/23 Musical 7pm-9:30pm-Virtual