• IMPORTANT NOTE - Transcripts are not processed during the following school closings: Thanksgiving, Winter or Spring breaks.   


    Class of 2010 and before must manually request transcripts by completing the Transcript Request Form and contacting Joe Taylor (jtaylor@dist113.org) at DHS Registrar. 

    For the Class of 2011 or later, please follow the "Requesting a Transcript" instructions below. Please contact Ms. China Saria (csaria@dist113.org) with any questions. 

    If you do not have access to the email used for your Parchment account, please contact Parchment Support.  Click on the "Contact Us" button to submit a support ticket. 


    When you are APPLYING to a college: 

    Students do NOT need to request transcripts for colleges using the Common Application, Coalition Application or SENDedu.

    School counselors will automatically upload the transcript as part of the student record when they are invited by the student to submit the School Report. Again, before you “invite” your counselor, be sure that your transcript is correct on Infinite Campus.


    When you have decided to ATTEND a college:  

    All students attending college need to request a final transcript via Parchment. 

    The college you will attend requires an official final transcript that shows your end of the year grades to prove you graduated.  Even if you used Common App or Coalition, you need to request a final transcript to be sent to the college you will be attending. 

    Transcripts can be requested and placed on hold. Choose “Hold for Grades” in Parchment when processing your request and your transcript will be sent after grades are posted on June 14, 2019.

    Official transcript requests should be made electronically through www.parchment.com for college and scholarship applications.



    Order Credentials from Parchment

    1.  Set Up Your Parchment Account

    • Locate the email that was sent from registration_codes@parchment.com in your school email (Be sure to check your spam folder!)
    • Click on the Register Your Free Account button 
    • Verify your account information.  If something if incorrect, please notify the CCRC immediately.
    • Create a password 
    • Under Current Grade,   Juniors select Eleventh Grade Seniors select Twelfth Grade
    • DHS recommends that you click NO, I do not wish to share my information or transcripts with colleges that may be interested in me.
      • Opting in will result in your name being provided to third parties. 
    • Fill out the FERPA Privacy Act section
    • UNCHECK the box authorizing your credentials to be stored in Parchment
    • Check that you have permission to create the account
    • Check that you agree with the terms of use and service agreement
    • Click on Let’s Go


    2.  Requesting a transcript

    • Login to Parchment
    • Click on Order below “Deerfield High School”
    • There are three options for sending transcripts:

    1.  Academic Institutions – for sending to colleges and universities

    2.  Yourself - Current students can access a copy of their unofficial transcript through Infinite Campus

    3.  Other Individual – This option is for scholarship organizations and any other non-college entity. 

    • If sending to an academic instituion:
      • Search for the institution and follow the prompts
      • Select “Add Another Destination” to send your transcripts to multiple institutions 
    • When you are ready to check out, click Save & Continue
    • Review your order, click Continue
    • Provide an electronic Signature to release your transcript and type the name
    • Check the box certifying you are the individual signing
    • Click Save & Continue.  NOTE: You will only do this once as your consent will be on file for all future transcript requests.
    • Parchment may require a fee. These charges are decided by Parchment. 

    Transcript requests will be processed in 7 - 10 business days. 

    You will receive a series of three e-mails from Parchment. 

    1) Request Confirmation

    2) Delivery to Academic Institution

    3) Recieved by the Academic Instituion (if sent electronically)

    You can view the status of your transcript request by clicking on “Orders” (top, right-hand corner, located next to ‘Dashboard’)


    Important Reminders

    • If you need corrections made to your transcript - DO NOT REQUEST A TRANSCRIPT until you verify that your transcript is corrected.
    • Do NOT send a transcript to Common App or Coalition schools during the application process
    • All students attending college will need to request a final transcript via Parchment 
    • Do NOT send a transcript to the schools that require the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) (ex: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Iowa, Illinois State University, University of California schools, etc.)
    • Watch your deadlines – We recommend that transcript requests are made 2 weeks prior to any deadline. Add more time for deadlines near school breaks. 
    • You do not have to complete your application before sending a transcript; the school will hold onto it and connect it with your application and any other materials when you submit them
    • Parchment now includes a section where you can enter a college and it will give you your ‘admission chances.’ Please note, we DO NOT encourage students to use this option as it is unreliable. Please continue to use the Compare Me tab as the information is monitored and verified by the academic institutions. 



    To ensure that you have access to your Parchment account after graduation, make sure to change your email/username to your personal email.  Your DHS email will expire on July 31st.  Go to your profile, then add a personal email address then make it your primary email. 


    Current DHS students: Before you request any transcripts, you should verify that your transcript is correct in Infinite Campus. Ensure that all your courses are correct. Doublecheck that there aren't any Incompletes and check for any other errors. If you notice something is wrong, let your school counselor know.