Impact Aid Information

  • Township High School District 113 parents and guardians may be able to assist the District in security federally allocated funds to which it is entitled. District 113 is eligible to receive compensation for "federally supported" students, which describes families that fall into minimally one, but possibly more, of the following categories:

    • Child resides on federal property with a parent/guardian employed on federal property situated in whole or in part within the boundaries of the school district
    • Child resides with a parent/guardian who is an accredited official of a foreign government and a foreign military officer
    • Child has a parent/guardian who is active (or reserve) duty in the uniformed military service of the United States
    • Child resides in federally subsidized low-rent housing
    • Child resides with a parent/guardian who works on federal property
    • Child resides with a parent/guardian employed by the federal government

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