• January 26, 2021                                       

    • Through an agreement with Walgreens and six other Lake County school districts, all D113 staff will have the opportunity to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination February 14
    • The Board will hold a Special Meeting on Monday, February 1 to determine a date for the transition to Simultaneous Hybrid
    • Two proposals for COVID-19 surveillance testing will be presented for the Board’s consideration on February 1 

    Dear District 113 Community, 

    The Transition to Simultaneous Hybrid
    The Board said that the District will transition to a simultaneous hybrid and asked the Administration to provide a date for when that can occur. A Special Meeting has been set for February 1 to determine a date for the transition to Simultaneous Hybrid. 

    Vaccine Partnership with Walgreens for Six Lake County School Districts Including D113 
    I also announced that through a partnership with Walgreens, we have been able to secure the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for all District 113 staff. 

    The superintendents from Districts 106 and 112, joined me in meeting with Walgreens on Friday, January 22 to explore a partnership that would provide all staff in Districts 106, 112 and 113 with the same access to vaccine as District 109 announced last week. In that meeting, we raised concerns around equitable vaccine distribution and asked that Lake County school districts Zion Elementary, Zion Benton, Beach Park and North Chicago, which are under resourced comparatively, also be included in this partnership. Walgreens was very supportive of a partnership that included equity as a goal. The seven participating schools districts have been working together to coordinate vaccine distribution for interested staff. As a result, this partnership will bring more vaccines to Lake County school staff. 

    District 113 staff will have the opportunity to receive the first shot on Sunday, February 14, and the second shot on March 7. The Pfizer vaccine is 95 percent effective and, according to the CDC, that 95 percent efficacy is reached one to two weeks after the second shot. 

    COVID-19 Surveillance Testing 
    We have been monitoring the developments in the testing market and have been bringing reports to the Board as new tests come online. Last night, an update was provided to the Board aided by the medical expertise of epidemiologist Dr. Caryn Peterson. The Board reviewed detailed information on the BinaxNOW test as well as the Shield test from the University of Illinois. The Board will review proposals for each test on February 1.

    More information will be communicated to families on February 2 following the Special Board Meeting.  

    Bruce Law, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools