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AP Biology students go to Medline Industries in Mundelein


On Thursday, February 2nd, Roxanne Jamroz and Beth Peterson took AP Biology students on a field trip to Medline Industries in Mundelein. While on the field trip, students were able to tour the research and development lab, microbiology lab, analytic chemistry lab, product testing lab as well as take part in epidemiology activities. Students first earned about biosafety levels, safety precautions throughout each lab and how sterile techniques applied to the research that is being done. In each lab, students were able to interact with the scientists as they were doing a variety of demonstrations. In the microbiology lab, students were excited to see that lab skills they have worked on in our Biology classrooms, were the same techniques that were being used for research and development for medical facilities. Students also learned about college internship opportunities, educational background needed to work as a scientist at Medline and the wide variety of types of scientists and engineers needed to do the work they do.