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    Below you will find general announcements, and important upcoming events.  Each Upcoming Date has additional information if you click on the name.  Please read the 2017 brochure for more information.

    Location:  Highland Park High School


  • Will a Summer School icon appear on RevTrak right at 7am on Feb 22nd?

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    Yes, you might have to refresh the page right at 7am, but it will appear.  All courses are under their particular subject.  For example, Health will be under Physical Education.  

    Please note that some math courses need Department Chair approval and will not let you register on RevTrak until approval is received.  Please see brochure for more information. 

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  • How do I know what my student ID number is if I am an incoming freshman?

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    After curriculum night (in January), you received a packet with your name and ID number.  Most likely, it will start with 121 or 221 and it is 7 digits long.  If you do not have this information, please email Wendy at wprado@dist113.org and she will provide this information for you.  Please read the FAQ's on the 2017 brochure for more incoming freshman information. 

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